Local Development Framework

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The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 introduced a new ‘two-tiered’ plan system to manage how development takes place in towns and the countryside. This system replaces the Structure Plans and Local Plans with:

  • Regional Spatial Strategies (RSS) – prepared by the regional planning bodies. These set out a broad spatial planning strategy for how a region should look in 15 to 20 years time and possibly longer (See East of England Plan).
  • Local Development Frameworks (LDF) – a folder of local development documents prepared by district councils, unitary authorities or national park authorities that outline the spatial planning strategy for the local area. LDFs comprise:
  • Development Plan Documents
  • Local Development Scheme
  • Statement of Community Interest
  • Annual Monitoring Report
  • Supplementary Planning Documents
  • Local Development Orders and Simplified Planning Zones (neither of which are presently proposed for the Borough)

Some local plan policies were however ‘saved’.  These saved policies currently constitute part of the Development Plan for the borough.

Detail Policies and Site Plans

After consultation the Borough Council has prepared a Detailed Policies and Sites Plan.  The Plan identifies specific sites, development boundaries, and topic based policies to provide the scale, distribution and types of growth outlined in the Council’s adopted (2011) Core Strategy.

The responses (and the consultation documents) can be viewed using the following link: http://consult.west-norfolk.gov.uk/portal/preferred_options_2013

The Council will now reconsider its provisional choices in the light of the comments made, and undertake further work to clarify and refine potential options.  For background and the full list of documents, please click on one of the links in the table below.

Latest News

Document Stages

Stage Status Date
Call for Sites Consultation Finished May 2009
Issues and Options Consultation Finished September 2011
Preferred Options Consultation Finished July – October 2013
Pre-submission publication of Plan for comment Finished 12th January 2015
Submission of Plan (with comments received) for Examination Finished (anticipated) Spring 2015
Examination of Plan Future 30th Sept 2015
Adoption Future (anticipated) Mid 2015