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Chairperson’s Report

The parish council has met monthly throughout the year and has debated and acted upon a range of issues. Reporting to and working with the county and borough on sure areas as planning applications and highways repairs is an on-going task. Additionally the parish council  continues to provide for some of the street lighting throughout the parish and to ensure that public areas are mown and maintained.

The last year has been a busy one with the council providing support for the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations and commissioning commemorative mugs for sale and for local children. The council also supported the village sports team to enter the area sports event and this was well supported. Throughout the year grants have been made to a few selected charities that support people in this locality.

To improve the villages the council has provided new grit bins in areas that highways do not grit in poor weather. Council is also arranging the provision and servicing of a new dog waste bin and a new litter bin. The council has paid for the grass cutting and clearing of bushes along rights of way including Stickfast Lane and the Chase. A major improvement has been clearing of overgrown greenery and reinstatement of the footpath through the Walpole St Andrew churchyard. The council continues to work on other projects linked to lighting in the Chase, the play park and supporting the development of the community trust facilities.

One of the on-going successes is the councils support of the Village Crier a most useful and well received parish magazine. Mr Peter Upfield edited the magazine for many years he did this work as a volunteer and was very supportive of all within the parish. we were sad to say goodbye to Peter when he moved from the village and wish him well in the future. we have been very fortunate that Mrs Janet Luck has stepped forward to edit The Crier and we are very grateful to her for ensuring the continuing success of the magazine. Finally it is important to mention the many people who give up their time to support the village, a quick glance through The Crier shows that there are many clubs and organisations thriving within the area.