The Walpole Village Crier is a bi-monthly magazine produced by the Parish Council on behalf of the residents and delivered to all homes within the Parish. The magazine is self funding thanks to the support of the advertiser many of whom are small businesses in the area.

If you have any articles, adverts or queries,
please contact the Editors: Jane Eveleigh and Debbie Poli
Telephone: 01945 781208/01945 781220
Email: [email protected]
or send them to: Beech Lodge, Wisbech Road, Walpole St Andrew, PE14 7LN

Below are electronic copies of the last 12 issues.

Walpole Village Crier Issue 142Walpole Village Crier Issue 141Walpole Village Crier Issue 139Walpole Village Crier Issue 138Walpole Village Crier Issue 137Village Crier February 2022Village Crier December 2021Village Crier August 2021 Issue 133Village Crier June 2021 Issue 132Walpole Village Crier April 2021 Issue 131

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