New Village Crier Editors Required

Message from the Crier Editors Linda and Chloe Matthews

The December issue will be the final one for us as due to neither of us living in this area any longer, we have decided to hand over the editorship baton to other residents. If you would like to take on this venture, either alone or in co-editorship as we chose to do, please contact either us at the Walpole Village Crier or our Parish Clerk at [email protected]

We have enjoyed our time spent on the Walpole Village Crier and thank you for the feedback we have received. Now it’s YOUR turn!

The Walpole Village Crier is a bi-monthly magazine produced by the Parish Council on behalf of the residents and delivered to all homes within the Parish. The magazine is self funding thanks to the support of the advertiser many of whom are small businesses in the area.

If you have any articles, adverts or queries,
please contact the Editors: Linda and Chloe Matthews

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 01406 478800
Address: 1 Sir Peter Scott Road, Sutton Bridge, Spalding, PE12 9SE

Below are electronic copies of the last 12 issues.

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