Parish Council

The Parish Council is made up of 11 Councillors and represent the village on various matters. We are effectively the third tier of local government, the other two being the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk and Norfolk County Council. We normally meet at 7.00 pm on the second Thursday of the month at Walpole Community Centre. The public is very welcome to attend and we encourage people to speak during the public participation section which is part of each formal meeting. During the meeting we will discuss varying issues which affect the community. Please refer to the meeting agenda to confirm time and topics/issues for discussion.

Your Walpole Parish Councillors are

Andrew Bliss
01945 780928
Vice – Chair / Open Spaces / Defibrillator
Richard Blunt
01945 780454
Borough Councillor
Charles Boston  07505 231143  Signage / Highways
William Brooks 01945 780609 Parish Hall rebuild project
Charlene Campion
07900 564374 Social Media
Adrian Eveleigh  01945 781208 Open Spaces / Speed Watch / Finance
Richard Green
01945 780378
David Lawty 01945 780100 Community Centre
Claire Robinson 07590 430595  Allotments / Play Park
Heather Smith 07900 177709 Play Park

The Walpole Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer is

Caroline Boyden (Tel: 07908 772324)
Email [email protected]

There is currently 1 vacancy on the Parish Council at present. The next full elections for the Parish Council, when all 11 seats again come up for election, will be in May 2023.

Your Borough Councillors are :

Councillor Richard Blunt (Conservative)
Tel : 07860 967514
Email : [email protected]

Councillor Julian Kirk (Conservative)
Tel: 01945 430109
Email: [email protected]

Your County Councillor is :

Councillor Julian David Kirk (Conservative)
Tel : 01945 430109
Email : [email protected]

Your Member Of Parliament is :

James Wild MP (Conservative)
Tel : 0207 219 3000
Email : [email protected]