Parish Council

The Parish Council is made up of 11 Councillors and represent the village on various matters. We are effectively the third tier of local government, the other two being the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk and Norfolk County Council. We normally meet at 7.00 pm on the second Thursday of the month at Walpole Community Centre. The public is very welcome to attend and we encourage people to speak during the public participation section which is part of each formal meeting. During the meeting we will discuss varying issues which affect the community. Please refer to the meeting agenda to confirm time and topics/issues for discussion.

Click here to view Walpole Parish Council “A General Guide”

Your Walpole Parish Councillors are:

Andrew Bliss
01945 780928
Open Spaces / St Andrew’s Churchyard / Springfield
Richard Blunt
01945 780454
Charmaine Campion
Adrian Eveleigh  01945 781208
Richard Green
01945 780378
David Lawty 01945 780100 Community Centre
 Linda Matthews   Community Centre
Heather Smith
Jo Webb
(nee Drew)
01945 781284
James Whitaker
01945 780456

The Walpole Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer is

Emma Bateman (Tel: 01945 780002)

There is 1 vacancy on the Parish Council at present. The next full elections for the Parish Council, when all 11 seats again come up for election, will be in May 2019.

Recent changes:

Dec 2018: Charmaine Campion and Heather Smith co-opted on to Parish Council

Sept 2018: Richard Green elected as Chair

June 2018: Steven Rowell resigned from the Parish Council

May 2018: Lynne Newman resigned from the Parish Council

Mar 2018: Linda Matthews co-opted on to the Parish Council

Jan 2018: Steven Rowell co-opted on to the Parish Council

Dec 2017: Richard Broden resigned from the Parish Council

Sept 2017: Janet Luck resigned from the Parish Council

Apr 2017: Linda Matthews resigned from the Parish Council

Jan 2017: Jo Drew co-opted on to the Parish Council

July 2016: Adrian Eveleigh co-opted on to the Parish Council

March 2016: Patricia Wiseman resigned from the Parish Council

January 2016: Maureen Patrick resigned from the Parish Council

July 2015: 3 new parishioners co-opted on to the Parish Council, Richard Broden, Linda Matthews and Lynne Newman.

May 2015: was an election year: all 11 seats on the Parish Council came up for election for a four year term starting after the local elections on Thursday 7th May 2015.

Several of our existing Councillors were not standing for re-election; so new candidates were very welcome.

In the May 2015 elections, only 8 nominations were submitted for the 11 seats on the council, so all were elected unopposed. The Council can fill the remaining vacancies by co-option within six months of the election.

Your Borough Councillor is :

Councillor Richard Blunt (Conservative)
Tel : 01945 780454
Email :

Your County Councillor is :

Councillor Sandra Jane Squire (Conservative)
Tel : 07817 160725
Email :

Your Member Of Parliament is :

Henry Bellingham MP (Conservative)
Tel : 01553 692076 or 020 7219 8234
Email :

Your European Members Of Parliament are :

Click the name of the MEP to link to there website

Patrick O’Flynn (UK Independence)
Email :
Tel : 00 322 284 5337
Committees : Economic and Monetary Affairs
Geoffery Van Orden (Conservative)
Email :
Tel : 00 322 284 5332
Committees : Foreign Affairs (Member) / Security and Defence (Member)
David Campbell Bannerman (Conservative)
Email :
Tel : 01954 210333/07796 225237
Committees : International Trade (Member)
Tim Aker (UK Independence)
Email :
Tel : 00 322 284 5109
Committees : Petitions
Richard Howitt (Labour)
Email :
Tel : 01223 240202
Committees : Foreign Affairs (Member) / Human Rights (Member)
Vicky Ford (Conservative)
Email :
Tel : 01954 211 722
Committees : Internal Market and Consumer Protection
Stuart Agnew (UK Independence)
Email :
Tel : 01245 266466
Committees : Agriculture and Rural Development (Member)