Land in Parish Council ownership

Folgate Lane Allotments and Frenchs Road Allotments 39 acres
Marsh Road Allotments 7.5 acres
Open spaces on Springfield Road and Summer Close

Land maintained by the Parish Council but not owned by the Parish Council

The Playing Field at the Community Centre – grass cutting only
The Swingfield adjacent to St Andrew’s Churchyard, Walpole St Andrew – grass cutting & pest control only
St Andrew’s Closed Churchyard – grass cutting and weed control of path, care of St Andrew’s Churchyard War Memorial, railings and brick wall.

Contributions towards grounds maintenance

St Peter’s Churchyard grounds maintenance financial contribution

Maintenance of War Memorials and architectural features (not owned by Parish Council)

St Andrew’s War Memorial, railings and brick wall
St Peter’s War Memorial

Maintenance of Streetlights owned by the Parish Council

32 streetlights 35w SOX lights and columns sited on Chalk Road, Church Road, Folgate Lane, Frenchs Road, Holt Court, Market Lane, Police Road, School Lane, The Marsh, Walnut Road, West Drove North and Wisbech Road.

6 LED Column Street Lights sited on The Chase footpath.

Maintenance and arrangement for emptying of litter bins, dog waste bins owned by the Parish Council

6 dog bins Folgate Lane, Springfield Road, Community Centre, Bustards, Wisbech Road and the Parish Hall

2 small open top litter bins – Walnut Rd, West Drove North

4 large litter bins in housings at The Chase adjacent to the Playing Field, next to the Play Park/Community Centre Car park, outside the Parish Hall, and at junction of Chalk Road with Wisbech Road.

Maintenance of grit bins owned by the Parish Council (filling of grit bins is carried out by Norfolk County Council)

8 Grit bins sited at Butlers Close, Kirk Road, Church Road/The Chase, Frenchs Road, Folgate Lane, Pigeon Street, Church Road, Gooses Lane.

Other Assets

  • 2 Vehicle Activated Speed signs on Market Lane and Mill Road
  • 2 Bus shelters sited at Wisbech Road and West Drove North
  • 2 Benches in Walpole St Andrew Cemetery
  • 1 Bench in Play Park
  • 2 Notice boards at Walnut Rd and Chalk Road junction with Wisbech Rd
  • Play park equipment at the Playing Field, Summer Close
  • Memorial seat +Plaque

Other Public Areas, Buildings and streetlights (not owned by the Parish Council)

  • The Playing Field, Sports Field and Community Centre are owned and managed by the Walpole Parish Foundation and Recreation Trust.
  • St Peter’s Church and Churchyard is owned and managed by the Church and Parochial Church Council.
  • St Andrew’s Church and Churchyard is owned by the Church and the Swingfield is vested in the Church Wardens.
  • Walpole St Andrew Cemetery, Police Road is owned and managed by the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk.
  • The Parish Hall is managed by the Parish Hall Committee.
  • Streetlights on Springfield Road, Kirtons Close and Summer Close are owned and maintained by Norfolk County Council.