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Walpole Annual Report 2022

Downham Market Area Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel

Contact details-

Police –
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Website www.norfolk.police.uk
Tel: 101 (calls cost 15pence)

Borough Council-
[email protected]
Website www.west-norfolk.gov.uk
Tel: 01553 616200

SNAP Oil Thefts Warning Poster

Residents should remember the following:

• Your bank, credit card company or the police will never ask for your PIN, bank card or bank account details over the phone – never give these details out.
• The police will never call you and ask you to withdraw money from your account to give to a courier or taxi driver, regardless of how convincing they may seem.
• If you receive such a call leave the landline for at least five minutes to make an outside call. Fraudsters will keep the line open and have been known to play ring tones, hold music and a recorded message down the phone so the victim believes they are making a call to a legitimate number.
• Use a friend’s or neighbour’s telephone instead.
• Friends, family, carers and neighbours are asked to spread the word to ensure everyone is aware of this scam and what they should do.

Anyone who believes they have been a victim of fraud should contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

What is a SNAP?
Safer Neighbourhood Action Panels (SNAPs) are public meetings where local people can raise any concerns about their community. Any member of the public living or working in the neighbourhood is welcome to attend and we also encourage organised community groups and Parish Councils to attend.
SNAPs are held every two months, at a community venue within the neighbourhood.
What issues can I raise at a SNAP meeting?
You can raise or report any current local issues or concerns which are affecting you and your community including crime, anti-social behaviour, or environmental matters. The meetings can also be used to identify any perceived lack of provision in your community, for example – activities for young people.
Who will be there?
They are chaired by a local councillor and there is panel of officers from the Borough Council, Police, and other key local agencies such as Housing Associations, and organisations which provide a service in the community.
What happens next?
Any issues you raise will be recorded and followed up on. If it is a common concern or a long-term issue, the panel may agree to make this a local ‘priority’. One lead agency will be identified to focus on this issue and report back to the next SNAP.
I can’t get to a SNAP, what can I do?
You can report any concerns or issues you have directly to your local Policing Team, or the Borough Council. Alternatively, you can contact your local Councillor, Parish Council, Housing Association or community group who could raise the problem on your behalf.
Look out for information on SNAP meetings in your area, or contact the Police on 101,
the Borough Council on 01553 616200. Click here to view the Terrington Area SNAP web site 

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